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Promote your Book Fair
The Resource Pack
Pay by Phone at your Book Fair
Videos and slideshows
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Spend your Rewards
Helper letters

Promote your Book Fair

Shareable image for social media or your school's newsletter

Download the free Book Fair promotion image

You can even add information about your upcoming Fair using MS Paint with the editable Book Fair promotion image.

Download the free editable Book Fair promotion image

The Resource Pack

Everything you need to create excitement at your Book Fair in one handy download! Includes free €35 competition prize vouchers, browsing wishlists, classroom activities, last copy bookmarks and ready-made letters to send to parents and volunteers.

The Resource Pack

Celtic Travelling Books Resource Pack Autumn 18


Email or text a link to the invitations below to parents so they can browse the highlights before the Book Fair arrives.

Book Fair invitation

Invitation - Celtic Travelling Books

NEW! Pay by Phone at your Book Fair

Payment at the Book Fair has never been easier with our Phone Payment service, allowing parents to pay using a debit/credit card by phone. Find out more.

autumn 18 ctbf phone payments - all.pdf


Colourful posters to shout about your Book Fair! Print and put them up around school 1-2 weeks before the Book Fair arrives.

Book Fair poster

Poster - Spring 18 TBF

Editable Book Fair Poster

Editable Book Fair Poster Travelling Books

Gaelic Book Fair poster

As Gaeilge - Celtic Travelling Books

Gift Vouchers poster

Gift Vouchers poster - Celtic Travelling Books

The cornerstone to running a great Book Fair is to set goals – from promoting literacy in school or refreshing your library, to boosting attendance or earning more Rewards. Use our Goal Chart to set your school’s goals:

Book Fair goal chart

Goal Chart - Book Fairs

Book Fair Arrow – right

Right Arrow - TBF

Book Fair Arrow – left

Left Arrow - TBF

Gaelic Book Fair Arrow – right

Irish Gaelic Book Fair arrow right Celtic Travelling Books

Gaelic Book Fair Arrow – left

Irish Gaelic Book Fair arrow left Celtic Travelling Books

Videos and slideshows

Play our brand new videos in class or assembly, add to your school’s website homepage or email to parents. They’re a fun way to announce the upcoming Book Fair in style!

Book Fair slideshow – PowerPoint

celtic travelling books book range powerpoint image.png

Top Tips

Use our invaluable Book Fair Planner to pick up tips, time-savers and tried-and-tested solutions on how to run a GREAT literacy event:

Organiser’s Guide

Organiser's Guide - CTBF

This year, we’ve created a series of brand new videos to help you get the most out of your Book Fair.

Order Form

Download to help with payment, checking prices and re-ordering popular books.

Download here

celtic order form.xls

Spend your Rewards

You can spend Rewards immediately by picking books from the cases before your Book Fair leaves. You can also spend Rewards on a range of resources in our Schools Catalogue or online shop.

Celtic Travelling Books Catalogue cover

Helper letters

Recruiting volunteers willing to share their time and talents to help you achieve your Book Fair goals is key.

Parent letter

Volunteer letter

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