Organiser's Guide - a handy guide to preparing for your Book Fair

Book Fair Organiser’s Guide

Everything you need to prepare for your Book Fair, including handy hints and tips for promoting your Fair, bookcase set-up tutorials and more!

Before your Book Fair

Promoting your Book Fair

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Build up some excitement for your Book Fair with invitations, posters and more, all available for download from our Free Resources page.

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In addition, check out our Chapter One page where you can find the first chapter of some of our best-loved books being read by their authors.

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Need some tips on advertising your Book Fair to parents using social media? We’ve got it sorted with ready-made resources and advice in our snappy beginner’s guide.

The Resource Pack - Celtic Travelling Books

You can also use our ready-made letter templates, available in the Resource Pack, to advertise the Book Fair, or request volunteer parents and guardians to help run the Fair.

Delivery of your Book Fair

Your Fair will be delivered and collected within school hours on the agreed upon date.

On the Day

Setting up

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Set up shop as soon as your Book Fair arrives. Watch our ‘Set up in 30 seconds’ video for tips!

Please note that due to availability limits and some covid safety restrictions, you may not be provided with everything shown in this video

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Prepare a payment desk including a float with small change, pens, a calculator and an Order Form (available to download from Free Resources).

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Put up your directional arrows and advertising posters (available to download from Free Resources).

Ordering Books

The Resource Pack - Celtic Travelling Books
Ensure every child gets the book they want with an Order Form, which you can use to order extra copies and to spend your Rewards. Use last copy bookmarks to keep track of bestselling books (available to download from the Resource Pack).

If you need to order extra books using the Order Form, please send us the order no later than 1pm on the day before your Fair is collected.

Payment at the Book Fair

Parent Pay Instructions

Online payment – parents can pay for purchases with their debit/credit card using our online payment system.

Parent payment opens two weeks before the Book Fair, and this handy guide will take parent through the payment process step by step.

Alternative ways to pay at your Book Fair include:

  • Book Fair Gift Vouchers – a great alternative to cash or card payments at your Book Fair. Simply buy online and ask parents to take the printout to your Book Fair. Find out more
  • ParentPay – if your school has ParentPay set up, you are welcome to ask parents to pre-pay for books to your school’s own account.
  • Debit/credit card – this is only available if a chip and pin machine is provided for your school. The payments come directly through to Travelling Books.
  • National Book Tokens – these can be spent at your Book Fair but no change can be given. Speak to your Book Fair Co-ordinator for terms and conditions.
  • World Book Day tokens – we accept these only at certain times of the year. Speak to your Book Fair Co-ordinator for terms and conditions.

Sharing your Fair

We love hearing about the excitement that a Book Fair creates, so show us (and everyone) the best moments from your Book Fair by sharing it on social media! It could be book reviews, photos of your Book Fair in full flow or celebratory snaps of the new books and resources that you’ve bought using your Rewards.

Pack Up and Pay

Your end-of-Book-Fair checklist

  • Place all customer orders
  • Complete your Fair Record Sheet online (see more info below)
  • Choose books from the cases with your earned Rewards
  • Pack up the bookcases including any unsold books and boxes
  • Make payment within 10 days
  • Thank your helpers and let everyone know how many free books they helped to earn
  • Call us to arrange your next Book Fair and keep that reading excitement going

Online Fair Record Sheet

It’s now quicker and easier to pay for your Book Fair and claim your Rewards online – and all of the calculations are done for you!

  • Log in to your account or create a new one (You’ll need a recent email with your Fair ID number on from us to do this)
  • Head over to the Your Fairs section and click ‘Complete Fair Record Sheet’ for the Fair you’d like to pay for
  • Follow the instructions and contact us with any questions.

Rewards terms and conditions apply