Promote your Book Fair using social media

Promote your Book Fair using social media

Promoting your Book Fair on your school’s social media is a great way to gain parents’ attention and helps with the success of your Book Fair! We’ve got some hints and tips, as well as some advice on the basics so that you can make the most of your social networks.

The social media you can use

There are several social media networks to choose from and they each have their own benefits. For news and updates, most schools use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Facebook: This is the world’s most popular social media network and is a great way to reach parents as many have accounts. You can create a page for your school and share posts, photos, videos and any other content.

Twitter: Another popular one, this network has a character limit to posts which means instead of one long post, people post many times instead. That means you can post about your Book Fair repeatedly and don’t have to worry about it disappearing down people’s timelines. Many schools have twitter pages as they’re helpful for posting updates such as school closures as well as engaging with an existing network of teachers.

Instagram: This is an image based platform and works great for Book Fairs. Take pictures of your posters, leaflets, books on cases and students at Book Fairs – they’re all great shots! There are additional apps such as Layout (for collages) and Boomerang (short, looping videos) that are great for Instagram. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, however, Instagram is for mobile only and the desktop version will not allow you to post. You will require the Instagram app to use it.

Take a look below at our top advice, ready-made posts and competitions surrounding social media and your Book Fair. Remember, more than anything, posting about your Book Fair should be fun!

Important information: Please ensure you have all the relevant parental permissions before posting any photos of children on your social media accounts.

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